A Dental Abscess Might Need Surgical Extraction to Treat the Infection

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The natural bacteria living in your mouth are pervasive. When a cavity develops on a tooth they will continue to exploit all the available dental structures. Without timely treatment, the tooth decay can penetrate deep into the tooth allowing the bacteria to infect the soft and sensitive tissues.

As this happens you will likely experience increased sensitivity or pain in the tooth. A persistent toothache or a feeling of pressure in the gums could also be a symptom that an infection has formed deep in your gums.

If you’re experiencing symptoms like this, you should not delay in seeking treatment with Dr. Todd A. Williams. Without professional treatment, the bacteria could cause a dental abscess or other serious infection. In time, it could potentially enter your bloodstream causing significant medical complications.

Sometimes Dr. Todd A. Williams can treat an infected tooth with a root canal followed by a course of prescription antibiotics. In a case where a dental abscess is severe and a significant amount of the tooth has been compromised, Dr. Todd A. Williams might recommend surgical extraction.

This calls for Dr. Todd A. Williams to extract all remnants of the tooth while excising any infected tissues from your gums. Afterward, they will likely prescribe antibiotics to treat any lingering infection. Dr. Todd A. Williams might also include a prescription for pain medication. This will help you remain comfortable while your gums heal.

When you’re ready Dr. Todd A. Williams can help you understand your options for restoring the tooth. This often calls for installing a dental bridge or performing a dental implant restoration.

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