A Dental Cyst Might Need Surgical Extraction

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A dental cyst is an area of inflammation, infection, or fluid in the gums. It can form from a number of different reasons. In most cases, this is related to a cavity that has descended through the tooth to the root. However, a dental cyst can also form from an impacted, malformed, or partially emerged wisdom tooth.

Sometimes a dental cyst can develop and it’s benign or the fluid is otherwise sterile. Unfortunately, some dental cysts cause a significant level of discomfort and inflammation in the gums. Without treatment, this can lead to other complications.

Depending on the location of the cyst, it could even weaken the integrity of the surrounding bones in your mouth.

Here at Williams and Williams Facial and Oral Surgery, Dr. Todd A. Williams will develop a treatment strategy for the dental cyst, based on its location, size, your level of discomfort, and any other potential complications. In some cases, they can help your body heal the cyst on its own. In a more significant case, they might need to perform an oral surgical extraction.

This can often be performed in a single outpatient appointment where you’ll need to be fully sedated. After the extraction, you might still feel disoriented, so you’ll need to have someone drive you home.

We might also prescribe postoperative antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, or painkillers, depending on the invasiveness of the procedure and the presence of a latent infection.

If you are concerned that you might have developed a dental cyst in Dallas, Texas, you should call 214-691-0101 to schedule a consultation at Williams and Williams Facial and Oral Surgery.