An Untreated Dental Abscess Can Lead to More Significant Medical Complications

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A dental abscess is a localized area of infection or trapped pocket of bacterial fluid. It is most commonly associated with an untreated case of tooth decay that has allowed the bacterial presence to saturate the underlying periodontal tissues.

If the dental abscess is allowed to exacerbate, you will likely feel pain and pressure in the gum tissues surrounding the compromised tooth. Without professional treatment at Williams and Williams Facial and Oral Surgery’s clinic the developing dental abscess could lead to sepsis and other life threatening consequences.

Sometimes Dr. Williams and their team can effectively treat a badly degraded tooth and dental abscess by performing a root canal. In a severe case where the dental abscess is large or most of the tooth’s root has been compromised they might recommend extracting the tooth.

Most cases that involve a dental abscess also include a prescription for antibiotics to treat any lingering infection. If necessary, Dr. Williams might also include prescription pain medication.

After all infection concerns have passed, Williams and Williams Facial and Oral Surgery’s dental restoration specialists help you understand your various options for replacing the tooth’s basic function in your mouth.

If you live in the Dallas, Texas, area and you are experiencing pain of discomfort in your gums, you should call 214-691-0101 to seek treatment at Williams and Williams Facial and Oral Surgery.