Bone Grafts and Your Jaw

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If you have been looking into getting a dental implant, you should be aware that some factors can make receiving an implant difficult. One factor in particular is if the jaw bone is too thin or weak to support the implant. Fortunately, there is a method to strengthen the jaw bone.

It is called bone grafting. Grafting is a surgical procedure that can cause bone to grow back and give the jaw more density, which can then support a dental implant.

What the process involves is placing graft material onto the jaw bone. This material can be bone that was originally part of another area of your body. Material can also come from a donor. Some synthetic materials can also be used.

As it goes, the graft feeds the bone, because the bone absorbs it. A combination of collagen and various proteins from the graft is what causes the bone to grow further. By the end, the graft should be gone and your jaw bone should have greater strength.

If you are worried about this procedure, you need not be. Using local anesthesia, any discomfort should be nullified so you can feel relaxed and allow the our professionals to best help you.

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