Willliams & Williams Facial and Oral Surgery offer patients who have lost all of their teeth or are soon to have their last, failing teeth removed several options for tooth replacement. One of the most advanced and reliable techniques is to permanently attach lifelike prosthetic as new replacement teeth to dental implants that are anchored in the jawbone.

Implant-supported teeth look and function just like real teeth, and are maintained with the same oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing.

Implant-supported teeth allow normal function of the whole stomatognathic system (“stomato” – mouth; “gnathic” – jaws) including the nerves, muscles and jaw joints. By permanently replacing missing teeth and any lost gum tissue, the implant-supported teeth restore the support of the facial structures (cheeks and lips), thereby allowing the ability to function normally. This includes chewing tough foods, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and smiling.

Teeth in a Day or All on Four Cases are implant systems that enable a minimum number of implants to support a maximum number of teeth. That means as few as four implants can be used to support a full arch both the upper or lower jaw of fixed, non-removable replacement teeth. This allows for a brand new smile that can be accomplished in as little as one day.