Do You Have These Wisdom Tooth Issues? You Might Need to Pull Them

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Wisdom teeth are quite complicated and even quite inconvenient. This is because they can cause many issues. These issues can alter the health of your smile and condition of your oral health, which is why wisdom teeth are typically extracted. Our dentist, Dr. Todd A. Williams, usually recommends wisdom tooth extraction if you experience one or more of the following problems:

-Not having enough room in your mouth: Typically, the mouth holds 28 teeth comfortably. When the permanent teeth grow in, 32 teeth shove into the area, which makes the mouth a bit crowded. If you don’t have a big enough jaw, the wisdom teeth won’t have enough room to grow into place. This is when tooth extraction is needed.

-Experiencing gum pain: If you have gum pain near the wisdom teeth, you could have an infection. This is common when you have partially erupted wisdom teeth because bacteria get trapped under the gums and around the teeth. Extraction can help prevent further infection.

-Having crooked wisdom teeth: If the wisdom teeth grow in to place in a crooked way, then your smile can be in danger. The wisdom teeth can affect the surrounding teeth by moving and shifting them over time, which can cause a misaligned smile and dental issues. The wisdom teeth can also harm the surrounding teeth. So, extraction is best to save the other teeth in the mouth.

For more information and details about the need for wisdom tooth extraction in Dallas, Texas, please contact Williams and Williams Facial and Oral Surgery at 214-691-0101 and talk to a member of our dental team. The more you know, the better, and we will be more than happy to assist you!