How Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Help You

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If the need for dental work arises as a result of oral health issues or an accident, we encourage you to not delay scheduling an appointment with our oral surgeons. In some cases, you may need to go beyond routine dental care to address significant dental problems. The development of severe tooth damage can result in the need for full mouth reconstruction to fully repair any issues in your smile.

Patients who require full mouth reconstruction often have developed extensive tooth damage, including tooth loss resulting from disease or trauma. While this treatment is intended mainly to restore your oral function, it can also provide dental results that are both attractive and radiant. Your full mouth reconstruction involves designing a customized treatment plan to ensure your concerns are addressed and you can receive the results you want.

There are many benefits of full mouth reconstruction, but some of them may seem unexpected. For example, jaw issues that cause your jaw to feel painful or make clicking sounds when you chew can be resolved during the process. Additional outcomes of this treatment can involve fresher breath and better sleep because the teeth can be adjusted so that they are close together and even, increasing their hygienic state. Any pain that makes sleeping difficult can be relieved, preventing a lack of sleep from causing you to have other health problems.

We invite you to contact Williams and Williams Facial and Oral Surgery at 214-691-0101 today for a consultation regarding full mouth reconstruction in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Todd A. Williams and our team are happy to help you address your tooth needs!