Implants Are More Successful When Placed by an Oral Surgeon

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Are you looking to replace your missing teeth with dental implants? If so, you should think about allowing an oral surgeon to perform the procedure rather than a general dental practitioner. There are plenty of great dentists who can do the job, but very few are as practiced as oral surgeons.

Oral surgery is a specialized field within dentistry. When a dental student wants to become a recognized oral surgery expert, he or she will not only complete the four years of dental school to become a general dentist but also an additional three to four years of specialized training afterwards. While general dentists may have had some basic training with placing implants and can take continuing education courses about dental implants, oral surgeons receive more training and invest more time to performing these types of advanced surgeries.

That’s not all. Once they are practicing outside of dental school, oral surgeons are actually doing more dental implant operations on a regular basis. General dentists may only perform a few dental implant surgeries per year while some oral surgeons may do them practically every day.

When an unfortunate complication or emergency situation occurs during an implant procedure, an oral surgeon has the experience and training to resolve unforeseen conflicts and produce a better outcome. While the chance of a complication arising during your procedure is small, wouldn’t you want the reassurance that comes from having an oral surgeon’s experience on your side?

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