Maximize Your Oral Health with Jaw and Facial Pain Treatments

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Visiting our oral surgeons for oral health care checkups can benefit your oral health in many ways. During your visits, our oral surgeons can assess your oral health and determine if there are any underlying issues that need to be treated. Somes of these issues may cause frequent jaw and facial pain. If you experience jaw and facial pain, we can prescribe the appropriate treatments as needed. To help you learn more about how you can identify and treat jaw and facial pain, we invite you to review the frequently asked questions below:

Question: What are the common signs and symptoms of jaw and facial pain?
If you are suffering from jaw and facial pain, you may experience frequent headaches, pain around your ear, tenderness with your jaw or pain when biting down on foods.

Question: What are some of the benefits of treating jaw and facial pain?
If you receive routine treatment for any kind of jaw or facial pain, you can often discover other issues that may also be occurring with your oral health. Our oral surgeons can identify these issues and treat them accordingly.

Question: What is one of the best methods for treating jaw and facial pain?
Mouth protectors, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications and jaw exercises can all help treat jaw and facial pain. If your jaw and facial pain is linked to an underlying condition, you may require some dental treatments, such as a tooth extraction.

Question: What are the risk factors of jaw and facial pain?
Several risk factors exist for jaw and facial pain, including toothaches, infections, arthritis, sinus issues, bruxism, gum disease and TMJ disorders.

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