Reasons to Watch Out for Your Wisdom Teeth

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Do you know to watch out for your wisdom teeth as they come in? Did you know they can bring a host of problems for your other teeth and overall oral health? Well, it’s true! Your oral health is important, which is why many people choose to have wisdom teeth removed. To help you understand the reasons to remove your wisdom teeth, our expert oral surgeonss with Williams and Williams Facial and Oral Surgery in Dallas, Texas, is happy to provide some intel on the subject.

Your wisdom teeth can cause many problems to your oral health. Here is some necessary intel on why to watch out for wisdom teeth:

-Gum disease is also a common occurrence with wisdom teeth, because when your wisdom teeth erupt because your gums become weak, sore, swollen, and damaged. Remember, bacteria can reside in an open cut that leads to infections and gum disease.

-Wisdom teeth can cause deep pain as they pierce through your gums. If there is not enough room for your wisdom teeth to come in healthy, pain can also transpire as it becomes impacted or squeezed into another tooth.

-When your wisdom teeth are impacted, cysts can form near the area, which can injure the root of your other teeth nearby and harm the bone in your jaw.

-Wisdom teeth can create infections because they cause your gums to bleed.

-If there is no ideal room for your wisdom teeth to dwell, your other neighboring teeth may be forced out of proper alignment causing your teeth to become crooked. Luckily, most orthodontists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth before orthodontic treatment to avoid this trouble.

These reasons to watch out for your wisdom teeth are important to keep your oral health in top-notch shape. If you have questions about your wisdom teeth and would like professional advice, or if you would like to make an appointment, please call us today at 214-691-0101 to make an appointment. Dr. Craig and Dr. Todd Williams along with our dental team are happy to help you.