Recovery Tips Following a Tooth Extraction

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The key to a tooth extraction includes preparing in advance and taking it slow in the recovery process. Although having a tooth removed can seem like a relatively minor process, to ensure further damage does not occur, including infections, take it seriously and keep yourself safe.

Listen to all instructions given by your dentist and follow them accordingly no matter how well you may feel. Even if you have loads of energy and want to go run around the block or work out at a gym, you need to give your body time to heal. Take plenty of rest to ensure all of your body’s resources are going towards your mouth’s recovery.

To avoid any complications with swelling that could arise, your oral surgeon may prescribe medications to take or the application of ice packs. Use as directed. If any pain or swelling continue to persist, contact your dentist. Avoid eating until the sedative wears off, or you could end up choking on your food.

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