Things to Consider When Dealing with Dental Anxiety

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Welcome to Williams & Williams Facial and Oral Surgery in Dallas, Texas, where we offer Anesthesia from Local Anesthesia to IV Sedation for our patients requiring oral surgery. In addition to oral surgery, dental sedation helps with dental anxiety, which is a recognized psychological condition that an individual can experience during even the simplest of dental procedures. Nitrous oxide, which we offer, can help you relax and feel calm during your procedure.

Feel free to let us know if you have dental anxiety. This will help us be prepared to take a little extra time to answer your questions and help you ease your fears. Many of the people struggling with dental anxiety relate it to feeling of the loss of control over their own body. By asking a few basic questions at the start of the appointment might help you feel better prepared. For many people, understanding the details of the procedure helps them feel empowered.

Yet, other people might experience dental anxiety because they feel that the mouth is an intimate part of the body. If you happen to feel this way, it’s important to remember that all of the members working at Williams and Williams Facial and Oral Surgery are highly trained oral healthcare professionals. Each and every one of us is passionate about providing you with the highest level of oral healthcare.

If you have issues with dental anxiety in Dallas, Texas, and you would like to explore your options before your appointment, please feel free to call Williams and Williams Facial and Oral Surgery at 214-691-0101 and talk to a member of our dental team.