Tooth Extraction and You

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When the tooth is damaged, your dentist can use a filling, a crown, bonding, or many other tooth building treatments to rebuild it. Sometimes, though, the tooth is just too damaged to fix. It is like trying to recreate paper out of its ashes–it’s impossible. To keep this paper simile going, what would you do if paper ashes were lodged in your printer? Take them out! And we offer the same treatment when it comes to teeth. Using a process called tooth extraction, Dr. Todd A. Williams can painlessly remove teeth that are too damaged to fix or otherwise dysfunctional.

So when do we need to extract a tooth? Here are some of the reasons:

— Sometimes, baby teeth don’t fall out to make room for the permanent teeth.

— Dangerously infected teeth should be removed so they cannot spread to the rest of the mouth. This especially applies after an organ transplant or chemotherapy.

— Patients receiving braces may need to get teeth extracted to make room for moving teeth.

— Often, the wisdom teeth need to be removed.

— When the tooth is just too broken and crushed to fix, it should be taken out.

So how will the treatment work? It is actually an easy process and will begin with a dental x-ray. Using the acquired images, Dr. Todd A. Williams will analyze the exact problems of the tooth and plan a path for its extraction. When you are both ready, you will come in for the treatment. they will administer anti-anxiety, pain relief, and/or sleep-inducing drugs, the extraction process will begin, and soon after, it ends. The dentist won’t take long, and for a skilled professional, removing the tooth is actually very simple.

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